Cakes & Pastries


Nothing beats a cake from Sweet Caroline's Bakery! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or whether you are just looking for the perfect dessert to serve for dinner…regardless of the reason, at Sweet Caroline’s Bakery we have the perfect cake! Determine the shape and size of cake you need, then place your order for a custom decorated cakes at least 2 days in advance. As prices vary, be sure to visit or call us for more details.


Fresh baked pastries from Sweet Caroline's Bakery is the perfect ending for any meal!Have a craving for a special treat? Drop into Sweet Caroline’s Bakery and enjoy one of our many varieties of fresh baked pastries. Along with our fancy pastries,which are always a hit at special occasions, we have a great selection of fresh baked pies too! Nothing beats a piece of fresh baked pie to finish off the family dinner! Our daily selection varies, but there is always sure to be something there to satisfy your taste buds!

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