Size, Shapes & Numbers

Size, Shape & Numbers

A beautiful and delicious cake from Sweet Caroline's Bakery makes every day a special occasion!
Figuring out what size of cake you need doesn’t have to be a mystery! Use the simple chart below to determine the size and shape of cake you require based upon the number of people you have attending your event.

Round Cake (with pudding filling)

  • 6″ cake feeds 6 people
  • 8″ cake feeds 10-12 people

Rectangular Cake (with pudding filling)

  • 8×12″ single layer cake feeds 15-20 people
  • 12×16″ single layer cake feeds 40-60 people
  • 12×16″ double layer cake feeds 40-60 people
  • 16×24″ single layer cake feeds 80-100 people
  • 16×24″ double layer cake feeds 80-100 people

Whether you are looking for a great dessert for the family dinner or a cake for a special occasion, Sweet Caroline’s Bakery has the cake for you! Remember that orders for custom decorated cakes should be placed 2 days in advance and as prices vary, be sure to visit or call for more details.

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